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Online Astrology and Tarot Readings available

Astrology and Tarot

All-in-One Reading

This session has it all: your complete guide through your birth chart as well as a general Tarot reading.


Astrology and Numerology

Life Purpose Reading

In this session we discover what Astrology and Numerology says about your life mission as well as the challenges you may encounter.

40 USD

Tarot and Oracle Cards

Love Life Reading

Looking for the love of your life? Are you in a relationship but you are not sure what you partner really wants?

30 USD

Astrology and Oracle Cards

Career Reading

What career would fit you the most? Should you build your own business?

30 USD

I am Sandy

Your Spiritual Coach

With Astrology, Tarot and Magick I can help people around me on a deeper level. My intention is to provide my clients with better insight about their current situation, so they can use the Divine Energy and Guidance to success in whatever they wish. Valuable information is hidden in your natal chart and the cards, but there is also the Divine that whispers messages I forward to you.

My goal is to assist you on your journey to achieve your dreams, to overcome your hardships, to tell you what the Divine wants you to know. Abundance and positive energy is waiting for you. You just have to believe, that it is possible for you too. I can teach you how to find that abundance, since I found it as well and I am happy to help people around the world the best as I can.

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