I am Sandy

Your Spiritual Coach

With Astrology, Tarot and Magick I can help people around me on a deeper level. My intention is to provide my clients with better insight about their current situation, so they can use the Divine Energy and Guidance to success in whatever they wish. Valuable information is hidden in your natal chart and the cards, but there is also the Divine that whispers messages I forward to you.

My name is Sandy, owner of Spirit Sandy, Witch, Astrology and Tarot reader. My interest towards occultism grew with me since I was a child. Through my journey more and more events showed me that I was born for this path. I feel very lucky that I am able to pursue my dream as my job. I have been practicing and learning Astrology as well as Tarot reading for over 7 years now. To add more elements to my readings I also studied Numerology and Crystal Healing, which is one of my biggest interests and it is a wonderful tool to use for my clients. I am a certified Archangel Communicator, I work with my Archangels daily, therefore our bond is strong. Meanwhile I also got a deeper look into witchcraft and after experimenting with different concepts of it I found the methods that work the best for me. This way I am able to use magick for myself and also the good of others. My goal is to assist you on your journey to achieve your dreams, to overcome your hardships, to tell you what the Divine wants you to know. Abundance and positive energy is waiting for you. You just have to believe, that it is possible for you too. I can teach you how to find that abundance, since I found it as well and I am happy to help people around the world the best as I can.


Some of the questions I can help you with

How will I find my soulmate?

Is this relationship serving my highest good?

What is my partner going to be like?

What difficulties can I expect in my relationship?

How can I become rich and reach financial abundance?

How can my business get to the next level?

What can I expect in my career in the next months?

What would be the perfect job for me?

What is my life purpose?

How can I heal myself with symbols and crystals?

How can I energize myself to get what I want?

What challenges are waiting for me on my path?

Want the answer to those questions above?

Wait no longer. You are here with a purpose.