Astrology and Tarot readings


The Map to your Happiness

This guidance will change your life.

How do you know where to go if you don't have a map? I feel like Astrology and Tarot Readings are just like a map which show you where you should go. It gives you a clear sight of what challenges you might experience in life and there might be hidden ways to overcome them much easier than you thought you could. Astrology and Tarot guidance also allows us to look into your environment and people surrounding you. What is it that you need to know about your family? How can you make your love life better? What is the way to achieve the career of your dreams? What are you most talented in or where should you evolve? All these questions and so much more can be answered through psychic readings. There are many options to choose from, which I will introduce to you down below.

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After payment arrived, expect your reading within 72 hours! Payment happens through PayPal. Readings and clients are always confidential, therefore privacy is always protected. Astrology and Tarot readings are done intuitively, to channel the message from the Divine for you.

You will be informed about when you will receive your reading, however, if you have an emergency going on, I am open to prioritize your reading. This option is available occasionally.



Which reading to choose

Readings are available internationally and can be booked for a recorded video or written format with pictures included. Depending on what kind of reading you choose the video reading takes 20 mins to 1 hour, the written format is usually between 4 to 10 pages long. I believe that there should be no time limitation towards readings, I go with the flow, so it takes as long as it needs to.

Both the video recording as well as the written reading have a lot of visual elements to them. People have different preferences of how they enjoy receiving and processing information. So if you are someone who needs the option to have the text so you can read through it a couple of times, choose the written reading (no headphones needed so you can look at your reading whenever you want). If you enjoy a life like reading where you can listen to my voice as I go through the cards and your birth chart, then choose the video option. All readings are done with love and light. Whenever I do readings, I prepare myself accordingly with meditation and aligning to the Universe and the Archangels, who assist me during the process. During the reading I focus completely on the cards and your birth chart. This is a Divine message that is only yours. This is your path, your life, your choice. I do not take responsibility for whatever you choose to do with this message.Please look at the Terms & Conditions for further information.